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End of Life Planning with care & support

End of Life Planning

Grace & Gratitude prefers your choices to reflect your hopes not your fears

Advance Care Plans

Over 70% of Australians report they would prefer to die at home and sadly less than 10% actually do. This is largely due to not getting around to completing your advance care directive and documenting your end of life wishes. Well-meaning family and medical professionals want to keep you alive at all costs. This can involve intrusive and unnecessary measures that you may not have chosen.

Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming with a multitude of decisions which be confronting and confusing. Nevertheless, the decisions will have to be made at some point by either yourself now or your loved ones after you have gone. Let me support you to make this an easier process for you resulting in peace of mind and the knowing that your final wishes have been decided and can be easily implemented.

Funeral Celebrancy

At the time of your funeral, it is important for your family and loved ones to feel a connection with the person that is chosen as your celebrant. In this regard, I only offer this service to individuals or families I have worked with in End-of-Life planning. This allows the space for a genuine knowing and appreciation of the person to be able to create a truly heart-based service for your family and friends.

Living Legacy Projects

Legacy work is a reflection of the imprint you have made in this life for you to leave as a living reminder for those you leave behind. This can be in the form of creative projects such memory boxes, photo boards, a mosaic made from favourite items. Alternatively, your legacy may simply be a beautifully documented life story, personal letters or a video message providing comfort and peace to your loved ones.

Video Memorials

Have you considered the creation of a beautiful photo montage of your life converted into a video with meaningful words woven together with your favourite song? Many families choose to have a photo remembrance video created to play at your service and to keep it forever to watch over again in the months and years to come. This is often an everlasting and precious reminder of how much you meant to them.

Eulogies & Tributes

Between the time of passing and the funeral service, family, friends and loved ones are in a deep mourning process, often distressed, confused and grief stricken. This can be the hardest time to reflect on your loved one and find the right and perfect words to convey in a eulogy or tribute for the service. Let me come up with the perfect words to express your deepest grief, and your heartfelt loss.

Graveside Visitations

It’s a big world out there that often calls us to relocate in other countries and cities and we can’t always attend the resting place or graveside of those we love dearly and had to leave behind. I can deliver your flowers or tributes for you and say some special words or prayers on your behalf. At that visit I will take a photo of the headstone or resting place for you, so you feel they are never forgotten.

Alternative Funerals

There are no legal requirements in Australia to use a Funeral Home or Director, you can choose to manage everything yourself at home. However, many people find it easier to use these services to navigate the legal requirements and we would be happy to support you in finding the right options for your needs. You can also choose to have a family led funeral or an environmentally friendly option.

End of Life Vigiling

This is where my passion truly lies, I consider it an honour to walk alongside the dying and their families at possibly the most difficult time during this final transition period. As a Doula, I provide non-medical support including, information, physical and emotional support, advocacy, liaison, compassion and awareness to the natural process of dying. It is my honour to be of service to you and your family.

Terminal Companioning

No one should ever experience a terminal illness alone and family often have responsibilities and external demands on their time that may not allow them visit as often as they would like. My companion service for your terminally ill loved one will provide comfort and companionship when you can’t be there. This can be ongoing or a respite arrangement depending on your family’s requirements.

Last Will & Testament

Your last Will and Testament (Will) is a legal document that provides directions and instructions for the distribution of your assets and possessions after your death. If you die without a will, it is said to be “intestate,” and state intestacy laws will decide the distribution of your assets which may not be what you had intended. Don't be one of the 48% of Australians that die without a Last Will.

Post-Death Services

I provide a complimentary follow up visit or call to my families a few weeks after the funeral to check in and see how they are managing at what can be the loneliest time. Other services include support to manage post death notifications, cancel accounts or subscriptions, Memorial or Unveiling services and managing deceased estates by way of packing up or gifting away personal belongings and effects.

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