A ‘Calling of the Heart’ Moved Me to Create Grace & Gratitude

END OF LIFE PLANNING Is so Important! Let’s start having these conversations today, talk to your friends and loved ones and begin removing the fear that is blocking our ability to plan for an informed and more empowered end of life experience with Grace and Gratitude. Take control and become empowered in planning the End of Life you prefer, dont leave it to others to make those decisions for you unless they know what you want for yourself.

My Commitment to you is to support you to start the conversations – regardless of whether you choose to use my services or not, it is my greatest hope that more people will plan ahead. I trust that these pages will at the very least offer ideas, inspiration and insights to support those conversations and your ability to plan for possibly the most important and poignant time in your life…

With Grace and Gratitude – Sandra Kay 

Sandra Kay - End of Life Professional

I was born In NZ and Migrated to Australia for the second time in 2008 with my three children who I consider to be my greatest achievements. My children are all grown and have flown the nest and I am now the proud grandmother of two exceptional granddaughters.

My Career has been as diverse as my interests over the years starting out as an adult student completing a Bachelor of Applied Science with a Major in Psychology while owning and managing a Garden Centre, raising my children along with amazing foster children over those years. I began my professional career working in mental health in New Zealand and Australia and eventually moved to working therapeutically with disadvantaged youth in the Out Of Home Care Sector.

I feel privileged to have so many wonder filled opportunities in leadership positions to work alongside our marginalised populations in many different roles and positions over the past 22 years. These have ranged from after hours crisis management to the training and recruitment of foster carers in Victoria.

As a result of my own grief and loss experiences in life and the recent passing of a loved one early in 2021, I realised that this was where my heart now wants to be. I believe I have a calm and compassionate nature along with the skills and knowledge I have acquired both professionally and also due to personal loss and funeral planning experience. I am passionate about wanting to really make a difference for those who may be reaching the end of life and the families trying to navigate the numerous demands and requirements at perhaps their most difficult time in their lives.

I am non-religious and yet honour all religions, cultures and beliefs held by the families I walk beside on this journey. It is my absolute desire to be able to advocate, educate, inform and support people while encouraging everyone to plan for our end of life while we are still well and healthy.

Being of Service to you is my main objective as a non-attached, practical and compassionate companion that can take care of the difficult matters and the smallest of details at any point of the end of life planning process.

I sincerely hope I get to work alongside you some day so that you also experience the peace of mind knowing that this daunting and often confronting task is now completed and fully documented. Do it now before these choices are no longer in your hands or control.