Plan for what is difficult while it is easy,

do what is great while it is small.”

Sun Tsu

Advanced Care Directives – (Living Will)

Advanced Care Directive Planning

Most people are not aware that 70% of Australians report they would prefer to die at home and sadly less than 10% actually do die at home in Australia.

This is attributed to a variety of factors but primarily because people have not prepared their Advanced Care Directive or documented their End of Life wishes and let someone know in advance of what those choices are.

Well-meaning family members and medical professionals only have one thought in mind with the best of intentions…. To keep you alive at all costs… No matter what the physical cost to you.

This can often involve intrusive and unnecessary measures that you may not have chosen or wanted for yourself. It also often places family members into the difficult position of deciding what you may have wanted resulting in tension among the family who may not agree with each other.

Alongside the Advanced Care Directive, you may also wish to appoint and document a trusted person to act as your Medical Decision Maker should you reach a stage where you cannot speak or advocate for yourself in this regard.

Advanced Care Planning is a necessary document to ensure your end of life wishes are upheld when you can no longer speak for yourself as a result of an accident or illness. What do you want? It might be time to consider it.

Note: Every State has its own laws about the requirements and the legality of Advanced Care Directives. In Victoria, you can write your wishes down in any format you like as long as it has a Witness and a GP’s signature on the letter.

Service Description

  • Up to 2 Hours Consult – via Phone, Video Call or In Home discussion.
  • Support to identify and discuss options and individual preferences for your directive.
  • A Completed Advanced Care Document ready for your signatures, records and distribution.
  • Your Directive and Decision Maker can be provided in hard copy and or as a PDF File and Word Document so that you can make any future changes as required.
  • A completed Medical Decision Maker Plan if required. (You may have already nominated this person in your Will). Please Note: this person would be required to be present in the discussions and agree to being nominated.
  • I can act as a witness if required however it will also need to be signed off by a G.P. if you have included an Instructional Directive.
  • Support to upload your Advance Care Directive to the Government ‘My Health’ Portal if you choose to do so. (Note: Your password will never be requested).

Total Cost $300.00

Please note: For in-person home visits 30kms return travel is included. Additional fees may apply if further travel is required, this will be discussed at the time of service enquiry or bookings.