“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness but of power. They speak more eloquently than 10,000 tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.”

—Washington Irving

Alternative Funerals

There are no legal requirements in Australia to use a Funeral Director, you can choose to manage everything yourself at home and keep your loved one with you from the moment of death until cremation or burial.

However, many people find it easier to use a funeral director to navigate the necessary legal requirements and we would be happy to support you in finding the right funeral home for any additional services that you require.

If you choose to have a family-led funeral, we can assist with all aspects of supporting you to do that. More and more people are returning to the old ‘traditional’ ways of caring for their loved ones themselves rather than sending them off to a morgue until a brief farewell or viewing at the funeral or service.

To that end, it is also becoming increasingly popular to consciously choose more ‘green’ or environmentally friendly options for burials to lower the carbon footprint on our planet caused by the ‘usual’ burials or cremations we have known in the recent past.

Natural, Green, Eco, Family Led Funerals

The benefits of a family-led funeral are many, but most importantly they allow more time for family and friends to say their goodbyes over a few days in a natural home environment sharing happy memories, laughing, crying and supporting each other in the grief process.

Death acceptance occurs more easily when you have the time needed to be in their presence and your mind can see and accept that your loved one has now gone.

There are also vast financial and environmental savings in being in control of your own choices and decisions about how you want to remember them or how they wanted to be remembered as you celebrate the life you have loved and are now letting go.

Service Description

  • I provide the practical support, advocacy and guidance at this most difficult time by helping you to navigate the many requirements after your loved one passes on.
  • I can act as the Liaison between funeral home, crematorium, family and any other required parties.
  • I will keep you fully informed and seek your approval in all decisions made by providing you with all of the choices available to you.
  • I will attend the home each day between the time of death and the funeral service to ensure you are fully supported with any funeral arrangements throughout this time.
  • I provide a complimentary follow up visit 2-3 weeks after the funeral to check in and ensure you are doing ok. If further support is required, I can link you in to local support services where available.

Total Cost

  • Up to 3 hour Initial visit which includes contacting and advising other required parties.
  • Up to 2 Hour daily visits to support the family and provide any advice, guidance and practical support as required.
  • 2 hour Complimentary post funeral visit in 2-3 weeks or in a time frame that works for you.
  • $450.00
  • $250 (per day)
  • No Charge


Please note: For in-person home visits 30kms return travel is included. Additional fees may apply if further travel is required, this will be discussed at the time of service enquiry or bookings.