Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.


Bedside Vigiling

No one should ever die alone, just as we are never born alone. We all need someone to hold our hand.

This is where my passion truly lies, I consider it the utmost honour to walk alongside the dying and their families at possibly the most difficult part of a life during this beautiful transitional phase from life to death.

As a Doula, I am a non-medical professional who can provide information, physical and emotional support, advocacy, compassion and awareness to the natural process of dying.

I am dedicated to supporting families to assimilate and normalise what is a natural progression of the life cycle. I will assist you to understand the process of death and remove the fear of the unknown so that you can be fully present with your loved one during their last days on this earth.

This service is provided solely based on the individual needs and preferences of the person or the family representative. It may be that you require me to be at bedside around the clock and provide a continuous bedside presence.

Alternatively you may simply choose some support with occasional Respite Vigiling so you can attend your other responsibilities with peace of mind knowing your loved one is being cared for.

Bedside Vigil Services

It is very important that you understand that I DO NOT Replace Hospice or Palliative Care Services but rather, I can complement those incredibly valuable services that are often under resourced.

Disclaimer: I am not a Personal Care Attendant and do not provide that service. However, I will care for your loved one like they were my own and ensure they are clean and comfortable and are never left alone during this time which includes careful monitoring and taking care of their basic care needs.

This is a Vigil Service Only.

For Companioning for the terminally ill, please refer to my Companioning Service Page.

Service Description

  • Beside Vigiling includes soft music, reading, candles and aromatherapy of their choice.
  • Creation of a sacred quiet and peaceful space where I am in full presence and responsive to the needs of your loved one.
  • Regular updates to the family, (with permission from the person I am caring for). I will be contactable at any time I am sitting bedside.
  • Liaison with the family and medical professionals to report any changes and advocate for any additional needs including pain management if required. (Informed consent to share information required).

Total Cost

Respite Vigiling (2 Hour Minimum per visit) $250 Additional Hours $100 per hour.

Bedside Vigils are a reduced fee for service due to the unknown days or hours that may be required bedside in the final days with your loved one.

  • Initial 0-24 Hour Period $75 per hour
  • 24 hours onwards $50 per hour

Please note: For in-person home visits 30kms return travel is included. Additional fees may apply if further travel is required, this will be discussed at the time of service enquiry or bookings.