“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.”

William Shakespeare

Eulogies & Tributes

Between the time of death and a funeral service, family, friends and loved ones are in a mourning process, often distressed and grief stricken.

This can be a difficult time to reflect on your lost loved one and find the words you want to convey in a eulogy or tribute to be read out at the final service.

It’s not always easy translating the feelings of your heart into words on a page. I am here to help you come up with the perfect words to express your grief, love and loss, should you need that support. It may be a combination of special or funny memories, regrets, or words left unspoken that you wish to make known now.

Service Description

  • 30 Minute discussion with you to determine important moments or themes regarding what you would like to be known or shared about your loved one.
  • A draft copy will be provided for your review and any amendments required before a final copy.
  • A uniquely individual and original eulogy or tribute will be provided to you in an electronic copy for your personal use and keepsake.

Total Cost

  • Up to 500 Words (2 – 3 Minutes reading)
  • 500 to 1000 words (3-5 Minutes reading)


  • $150
  • $250


Please note: For in-person home visits 30kms return travel is included. Additional fees may apply if further travel is required, this will be discussed at the time of service enquiry or bookings.