End of Life (EOL) Professionals are more commonly known as a ‘Death Doula’s’. Personally and Professionally, I prefer not to use this term in my practice. However, I would still like to give due respect and acknowledgment to the term that is now used worldwide for End of Life Professionals that are providing this much needed support within our communities.

Often the term ‘doula’ was used to describe mid-wives. The word originated in ancient Greece, meaning ‘a woman who serves’. A death doula is a professional (non-medically trained) who provides emotional, physical and informational support to prepare and plan for your final days in a way that honours you.

Living well and dying well are natural progressions through the seasons and cycles of life. I am truly passionate and committed to supporting individuals and families to plan ahead as ‘An Act of Love’. As a human race, we plan and prepare for every other significant event in our lives, and yet the one event that will occur for every single one of us is still an uncomfortable and difficult conversation for so many.

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