Why Do We Need End of Life Planning Services?

End of Life (EOL) planning ideally begins long before you become unwell with a terminal illness or have an accident, and can be done at any stage or age in your life. If we don’t plan for our end of life, we won’t have much say in what happens to us, even more upsetting is that the important decisions are left to loved ones to try and decide among themselves what you would have wanted. This often creates unnecessary emotional and financial distress for those we care most about.

Around the world, the Dragonfly symbolises change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

End of Life is a transitional time for each of us, one where we reflect on the life we have lived and the imprint we are leaving in our wake. This is the reason we have chosen the dragonfly to represent the journey of deeper inner reflection as we begin to explore and understand the deeper meaning of life as we prepare for our final chapters when the time comes.

It is important to understand that my work in no way replaces the incredible work and services available to you through Hospice or Palliative Care. I strongly encourage you to reach out and receive that valuable support service. My role simply complements the work provided by the amazing medical professionals in your communities.