“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”  


It has been reported that only 52% of Australians have made a Will…

Do it for Your Family and Your Peace of Mind

Your last Will and Testament (Will) is a legal document that provides directions and instructions for the distribution of your assets and possessions after your death. If you die without a will, it is said to be “intestate,” and state intestacy laws will decide the distribution of your assets which may not be what you had wanted or intended. I dont mind if you dont require my services for this but PLEASE JUST DO IT – MAKE A WILL TODAY!

Disclaimer: While I do not offer any legal advice, I am happy to provide support if you choose to write your own will or use a ‘Do it Yourself Kit’.


If there are complicated or complex matters that need to be included in your Will, you will need to seek Legal Advice to mitigate the Will becoming invalid or open to contestation.

There are many options you can a choose for writing your own will. Choice Magazine provides an overview of 5 options and cites the pros and cons of each one. For more information about how to draw up your own will and where to download or purchase – use the buttons below.

Grace & Gratitude can support you to create your Basic Will & Testament using my carefully created document that includes the general terms and inclusions. There is no legal requirement to use a Solicitor to create your Last Will, I would be happy to assist you to create your Will under the disclaimer that I accept no responsibility for the choices, inclusions or contents of your will. I can assure you of the utmost privacy and confidentiality in these matters and can act as one of your witnesses if required, as I would never be a beneficiary in your Last Will & Testament.

Service Description:

  • Up to 2 Hours Consult – via Phone, Video Call or In Home discussion.
  • Support to identify options and individual preferences and inclusions for your Will.
  • A Completed Last Will & Testament Document ready for your signatures, records, and distribution.
  • Your Last Will & Testament can be provided in hard copy and or as a PDF File and Word Document so that you can make any future changes as required.
  • I can act as a witness if required as I will not be a beneficiary of your Will
    • Bonus: Checklist for Executors
    • Bonus: Completed Death Certificate Information Document
    • Bonus: Mirror Will (spouse or partner living in the same home 50% off second Will)

  • IMPORTANT: To be valid, your Will is required to be signed in the presence of two people acting as witnesses whom will not be beneficiaries.
  • We will provide you with the details you will require to have ready before the consult takes place. Eg: Family and Beneficiary names and addresses etc required for the contents of the Will.

Note: For in-person home visits 30kms return travel is included. Additional fees may apply if further travel is required, this will be discussed at the time of service enquiry or bookings.

Total Cost: $300.00

(Mirror Wills – Spouse/Partner in the same house $150.00)

Please Note: The cost of the Will Kit you choose will be additional if you prefer a DIY download that is not Free. Grace & Gratitude uses its own Will Template suitable for your Last Will & Testament when you engage the service.